4th Global Reiki Gathering June 27th - 29th 2025

Healing towards Peace...

...ourselves, our communities and the world


Start:  Friday,       27-06-2025 | 7pm

End:    Sunday,     29-06-2025 | 2pm


Program Facilitation CHF 755

including full board in shared rooms (bed and all meals, additional costs for some drinks)

payable in advance, is considered a reservation


further information and registration until March 15th 2025 | 1pm  click here


Volounteers for translation wanted:

  • German
  • Français
  • Español
  • Italiano
  • русский

Program Details

Imagine a circle of chairs, with friends old and new, from all over the planet, all connected through a personal journey with Reiki.


We each have unique Reiki stories. While there are differences to notice in the various ways we practice, the similarities and universalities we discover when we come together are far more profound. 


Join us for the fourth annual Global Reiki Gathering! This year we will explore the theme of PEACE.
What is reiki teaching us about our capacity for healing towards peace to ourselves, our communities and the world? What is reiki teaching us about the nature of peace itself?
The program will include exploratory learning sessions facilitated by Rachel Goldberg, Kate Jones, and Johannes Reindl, as well as daily community reiki shares, communal meals, evening fire and deep community building with beautiful backdrops of the Swiss countryside.


if something doesn't work do not hesitate to contact Ursulai by Phone +41787514219 (Timezone CEST) or by Email office (at) ursulai (dot) ch

Organizers + Facilitators

  • Kate Jones, RM, Herefordshire, UK
  • Ursulai Frauchiger, RM, Solothurn, CH

We are working together to plan a dynamic program for you! All of us are Reiki Masters and connected through the global reiki webinar project and our personal relationships with Phyllis Lei Furumoto.


After Gathering Tours


for our ReikiFriends from allover the Globe -  we are preparing some After Gathering Tours - so, if interested mention it on the registation form... 

History of the Global Reiki Gathering


2017, after an exciting first year of the Global Reiki Webinar Project, Rachel Goldberg and Phyllis Lei Furumoto put out an invitation to the Global Reiki Community to gather in person. Phyllis described a circle of chairs where all of us across this global community who had been connecting so deeply online could be together in person, making eye contact across the circle, holding hands, and experiencing the depth and learning that comes, when we come together to share physical presence and unite the energy and effort of a collective vision to do so. Phyllis asked: "is one of those chairs for you?" ... and that is the same question we are asking you today, with this invitation to attend the fourth annual gathering.

1st Global Reiki Gathering, 2017, Ronora, USA




The first Global Reiki Gathering was held at Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center in Watervliet, Michigan, USA and we explored the theme:

We Are Sacred Earth -



2nd Global Reiki Gathering, 2018, Ronora, USA




The second Global Reiki Gathering was also held at Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center in Watervliet, Michigan, USA and we continued our exploration with the theme


Cultivating Beloved Community -




In 2018 Phyllis and Rachel invited Ursulai to join the organizing team

and in 2019, after Phyllis' death, Johannes and Kate joined the event team as facilitators.

We are all honored to serve as sacred space holders for this event.


3rd Global Reiki Gathering, Gount's House, Dorset, England, UK





In June 2019, for the third Global Reiki Gathering, we gathered at Gaunt's House in Dorset, England, UK and again deepened our exploration through the theme


Realizing Dreams -



2017  RonoraRanch, Michigan, USA                         

2018  RonoraRanch, Michigan, USA

2019  GauntsHouse, SouthEngland, GB

2020  - 2023 unexpected break due to pandemic

2024  Schwarzsee, CH (Switzerland)

India to be announced

Brazil to be announced





These gatherings are held yearly in a different Country from Thursday-Sunday in June!




Lichtinsel ~ unter dem Regenbogen

Oberwilstrasse 5

CH-3253 Schnottwil 

für Informationen, Reservationen oder TerminVereinbarungen:


+41 78 751 42 19 | Montag -Freitag 13:00 - 14:00 Uhr


kontakt (at) dichsein (dot) ch


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